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Kentucky Perinatal Association

Dedicated to the cause of Perinatal health issues for mothers and their infants, since 1988.

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    The Kentucky Perinatal Association is a non-profit incorporated volunteer association of health care providers, consumers, and organizations with a common purpose toward the recognition of maternal-infant health care issues.

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    The KPA is comprised of a broad range of health care professionals. Board members meet routinely- volunteering their time after full work schedules to understand and further the cause of Perinatal health issues for mothers and their infants.

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“Exploring Best Practices In Perinatology”

June 5-7, 2016
Lake Cumberland State Park Conference Center
Jamestown, Kentucky

  • Sunday - June 5th

    KPA Board of Directors Meeting
    Cook-Out Pumpkin Creek

  • Monday - June 6th

    Welcome and Opening:
    KPA President, Samantha Port, DNP, MBA
    Tina Willauer, MPA
    “Role of Protective Services and Foster Families”
    Melissa L. Currie, MD
    “Perinatal Loss (Statistics and Forensics)”
    David H. Adamkin, MD
    “Update on Breast Milk Fortifier in the NICU”
    Patricia Nicol Annual Lectureship
    M. Douglas Cunningham, MD
    “Delayed Cord Clamping … An Update”
    Brian Wilson, Chaplain
    “Perinatal Caregiver Stress”

  • Tuesday – June 7th

    KPA Annual Board Meeting - Gary L. Walls
    Welcome & Presiding–Samantha Port, DNP, MBA
    Michelle Collins, PhD, CNM
    “Nitrous Oxide in Labor and Delivery”
    Tom Pauly Memorial Lectureship – Award
    Tonya W. Robinson, MD
    “H.I.E. and Cooling”
    Michael S. Oldham, MD, MPH
    “Neonatal Seizures”
    Stephen Amato, MD, PhD
    “Universal Newborn Screening for Treatable Disorders”
    Suzanne E. Gingery, MD
    “Ambiguous Genitalia/Gender Disorder”
    Adjourn - 2:00 pm

Contact: Gary L. Walls

Kentucky Perinatal Quality Collaborative

Founded in June, 2012 the Kentucky Perinatal Quality Collaborative (KPQC) was formally established as a committee of the Kentucky Perinatal Association, seeking to initiate quality improvement programs throughout the Commonwealth.